Author Topic: Algonquin park July 9 to 12  (Read 751 times)

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Re: Algonquin park July 9 to 12
« Reply #6 on: June 13, 2018, 01:07:20 PM »
one of (actually, THE) best and most utilized maps for algonquin park is jeffs map. he gets the most submissions from anglers and campers with respect to portages, fish species caught, etc.
take a look, you will know where to find which types of fish. With that said, corridor lakes likely see more pressure and so might be tricky to catch fish. The paddling is great and very nice area, but for trout fishing, Haliburton area I've had far more luck. With that said, if you're camping, I might be down to join you in July. Itching to get into the backcountry for a night or two.
Rock -> Pen Lake is a very easy and fairly well maintained portage, and depending on time you want to spend paddling in to a site, clydegale lake is arguably one of my favourites in the park.

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Re: Algonquin park July 9 to 12
« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2018, 07:46:35 PM »
Hey there.  Algonquin stocking lists can be found online.  Some of the smaller lakes along the corridor ( hwy 60 ) are stocked with Splake.  Theyre generally one portage in to give u that Algonquin feel, and the portages are generally well maintained if you wanna carry it in.  Spinners with a dead minnow ( no live bait ) trolled is how we catch them along fallen trees, which theres no shortage of.  And dont forget a bug jacket, your gonna need it at that time of year.
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Re: Algonquin park July 9 to 12
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Welcome to the board!
The guy who told you about this forum was me.
Have fun and be safe.
No Algonquin experience here.

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Re: Algonquin park July 9 to 12
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Welcome to the board!

My dad does well on Opeongo.  Its one of the largest lakes in the park and a main access point used to begin some of the more popular portage loops.  He fishes out of a boat because his health.  Generally the south and east arms, but I'm sure the north arm is nice too. You’d probably troll through lots of smallmouth water before reaching deeper areas. There are lots of campsite options near the deeper parts once you get there.  You can buy laminated depth maps from Adventure Maps.

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Re: Algonquin park July 9 to 12
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Hey Szabi,

I don't know any spots in Algonquin but just wanted to say hi and welcome to the board!

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Algonquin park July 9 to 12
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2018, 11:59:34 PM »
Hey everyone. First post... site was recommended from a forum I kept talking about kayak fishing :)
Anyways... I'm about 3 years kayak fishing, mainly Lakers on simcoe. I have 2nd week of July off and want to do an algonquin trout fishing trip but might be going solo as I don't have many kayak Fisher friends ... yet.. any recommendations on places ? Thinking rock lake. I have a 12 foot sit on top kayak and love to fish on it. If anyone else is looking for a trip let me know. I'm 36 and just love to fish.
But if anyone knows algonquin lake trout I would love to listen :)

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