Author Topic: FOR SALE - Aqua-Vue AV Micro 5 + DVR-DTS Underwater Camera and Video Recorder  (Read 196 times)

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The following ad was just posted to Kijiji at $395.  https://www.kijiji.ca/v-camera-camcorder-lens/markham-york-region/aqua-vu-av-micro-5-dvr-dts-underwater-camera-video-recorder/1388141927?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

$360 to members of this forum. PM me if you're interested.

This full colour digital camera includes 80 of waterproof communications cable that suspends the camera head at the desired water depth. The depth of the head and water temperature at that depth is displayed on the screen. Comes with:
   5 AV Micro 5 + DVR-DTS trolling fins
   2 AV Micro 5 + DVR-DTS stationary positioning clips
   4 1 oz. clip-on weights
   14 Aqua-Vu pole adapter
   RAM 1 ball mounting system with 6 extension fitting
   Custom carrying bag
   The original box

This camera was purchased last winter, was used only twice during the summer for about 10 each time, and is still under warranty. Replacement cost is approximately $800.

I bought it to record videos underwater from my fishing kayak but, added to rods, downrigger, fishfinder, etc. it added too much complexity and, not being a photographer, I lost interest in it. Ice fishermen say it is a useful and interesting complement to their fishing.