Author Topic: Any recommendations for good WATERPROOF gloves - spring/fall paddling/fishing  (Read 2377 times)

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I used my regular paddling gloves and pogies from MEC in the days before I got my Outback.  https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5023-623/Pacific-Pogies

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Hi all,

Wondered if anyone had a recommendation for good waterproof gloves that can be used for spring/fall paddling & fishing...

I do have a pair of NRS Fuse paddling gloves that can be used in dry conditions, but when they get wet don't help very much.

I bought a pair of Simms Kispiox gloves which I thought were going to work out as they were noted as 100% waterproof and felt really good on my hands, but took them out paddling in the rain one day and they soaked right through.  Thankfully it wasn't particularly cold that day and I had other gear with me as backup.
Before someone asks - the water wasn't coming in at the wrist as the cuffs were under my semi-dry top and the only part of me that was wet was my hands (although the entire glove was soaked by the end).