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Re: Haliburton in April
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Haliburton has numerous lakes which hold different species of Trout. Kenissis is a pretty busy lake.  Haliburton Forest and Wildlife sanctuary is right there. It's a private area with lots of great lakes. You can get info on fishing in there from the managment. The whole Minden, Haliburton to Dorset area is loaded with fishable lakes. topo maps really help locate the more remote ones.


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Re: Haliburton in April
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My favourite area is north of Perry Sound.  Not much farther than Haliburton, but with nice clear lakes and good fishing.  I'm going to Noganosh Lake in the beginning of June for 1 week.  It is a chain of narrow lakes where you can paddle and fish for about 30 km counting all the bays.  It holds mainly pike and bass.  I went there for 3 one-week trips last summer to show you how much I like it there.

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Re: Haliburton in April
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sorry dont no those ares.. :-[.

but if you ever want to come down here (ottawa regions) we can guive you a couple tips.



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Haliburton in April
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2008, 06:34:52 PM »
I plan to head up there in April for ice-off lakers and speckies....
any of you Ottawa guys or anyone else in that area have info they would like to share regarding good launch points or specific lakes for yakfishin?
I heard Kenissis is real good and is part of a chain of lakes that would be well suited to the sport.  can anyone confirm?