Author Topic: Weight loss yaking/canoeing and Endomondo.com  (Read 3808 times)

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Re: Weight loss yaking/canoeing and Endomondo.com
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2010, 06:35:40 PM »
Very impressive app for the blackberry. I am in between phones at the moments due to a new job but if I end up with another blackberry this looks like a great tool.

Interesting that your top speed was 17.1mph, you must have been paddling your butt off.

Kayaking is a great way to shed a few pounds, especially when the wind kicks up. Good luck with reaching your goals.

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Weight loss yaking/canoeing and Endomondo.com
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2010, 05:41:30 PM »
First off this is not really a product but a software app that may be of interest to some.  If this has no place in this forum Don please let me know and I will remove it.

Just wanted to mention a neat little Blackberry app that I discovered.

First the back story

I am on a mission to lose a vast amount of weight.  Over the last twelve years I went from being a very phyically fit and active athlete to turning into a couch potato of grand proportions.  About eight years ago I tore my ACL and did not deal with it right away.  Over the five years of not dealing with it I became less active in my work (got a promotion) and became a dad, (had to stay home more/couldn't afford all the toys).  In any case I went from being 195 lbs to a whopping 317 lbs (Dec 2008) at a weigh in during my physical.  Now I am told that I carry my weight very well, and many (except my wife) would not have guessed my weight.  In any case I have developed High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes type 2 and I am only 36.  So in any case I became activated about taking care of myself.

I went gang busters at first and lost 20 lbs in about 6 weeks, then i fell into old habits and put half of that back on.

So my holidays this summer (Aug 2010)I  happened to discover yakfishing (no yak yet so just the fishing) but I am determined to get a yak, but need to lose weight in order to fit any boat without creating a risk for myself.

This is where endomondo.com comes in.  I have a Blackberry Bold and it has made my life more organized, it has helped me plan better with my wife, and many other great little apps.  But yesterday I found endomondo.com which tracks virtually all physical outdoor activity via GPS.  For those of you who have a Combo unit this is old news to you, but for those of you who don't this gives you a neat way of tracking your yaking adventures.  It even talks to you during the "workout" (was working out today and having the time of my like)  Keeps lap times, and plots the map via google maps (I think)  the other really neat feature is the social networking connected to this.  It encourages you to invite friends and create "health" challenges (this relates more to the yaking and less to the fishing) I have included my workout summary from today...I hope I do this right.


Yep it worked.

So if you have a Blackberry check out the apps store, it is a free download (my favourite kind)  If you don't checkout endomondo.com and check their product compatibility, because I think if you have mobile phone with GPS equipped you can download the information somehow.

If you are interested in healthier living as I am give it a look and let me know what you think.

If you are interested.....since the middle of August I weighed in at 295.  This morning I weighed in at 272lbs.

Good luck with healthy living