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Kayak review - Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2011, 05:31:09 PM »
Member Name: bellybuster
Year of Release: 2009
Item Name:  Tarpon 140
Manufacturer: Wilderness Systems http://www.wildernesssystems.com/product/index/products/recreational/recreational_tarpon/tarpon_140_recreational/
Price: MSRP $1029 no rudder

I have been on the hunt for that perfect fishing yak for a while (perfect for me that is). Well, had a day of fishing on the Notty with yakfisher's own LJC and didn't he show up with a brand new tarpon 140.
   I didn't even so much as sit in his boat and I knew I had to have one. About a week later it came to be that there was a brand new mango tarpon 140 in my garage.     My search has ended.
   As with my review on the tarpon 100 I cannot say enough good things about this boat. Every issue the past models have had have been solved by WS. They obviously listen to folks like us.
   The 2009 model found new hatches, one in the center and one in the bow. Well....the hatch placement isn't new but the covers are. They are fantastic!!! 100% waterproof and a breeze to open and close with a single lever.
   Also new for 2009 was a seat that I cannot begin to describe the comfort. It rivals the famous first class seat of its competitor and for me, owning both brands, I can say it beats it in comfort easily. It also folds and stores right on the hull, not having to be removed for transport.
   Everything about this boat is "right". Things are where they should be and the rigging possibilities are endless. With the Slidetrax system, any rigging can be easily removed if so desired. The tank-well is huge to the point of asking "why". maybe they could close in the stern and put in another hatch?????
   Stability goes without saying, a rock solid fishing platform. Not necessarily meant for standing but really....it's a kayak.
   At 14' it seems to me to be the perfect length that meets all length requirements in the middle. It's short enuff to be manageable and long enuff to handle the roughest water you care to venture out in.

not enuff room to list them all but comfort is high on the list
pre rigged for rudder (I bought mine with rudder installed
tons of topside and protected in hull storage
just a cool lookin yak

a tad on the heavy side
slidetrax accessories are obscenely expensive
rear carry handle is under the rudder, needs to be moved 4" forward or to one side

Final thoughts:
   WS has answered my prayer for a do it all kayak that fills the bill for all of my needs. If I could only have 1 kayak, this would be it.