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PrecisionPak CratepakMAX long Review (youtube)
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Oops.  I was just reminded that there is a "review etiquette" to be followed.  So here's my second attempt:

Member Name: adkayak
Year of Release: (not sure - but this was purchased in March 2011)
Item Name: CratepakMAX long orange
Manufacturer: Precisionpak
Price: $73.00 USD, but can be found slightly less on Internet

I just received the CratepakMAX yesterday and have not had a chance to try it on the water in the boat.  I will try to update the review once I have done that.  I purchased the bag so that I can easily keep all my gear ready to go, at the same time have a spot rods.  As well, I intend to use other kayaks, and this will get me set-up instantly in a non-angler 'yak with a decent tank well - should I have the opportunity.

The unit dimensions are:
Size: 16.5" x 11.5" x 14
Capacity: 2562 cu. inches


 Detailed Pros & Cons will have to wait until I actually USE it.  But here are my immediate thoughts upon assembly and inspection:

Pros:    high visibility, ease-of-access, light pole mount, many pockets, easy draining, reconfigurable interior, packable, rip stop 600D nylon, not easy to remove plastic supports to fold-up

    plastic D-rings are flimsy and appear to be breakable, not exactly
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