Experiment With Lindy Rig Snell Length When Fishing For Walleyes

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I got a touching reminder about experimenting last week whilst my wife and I hit a neighborhood lake to check the walleye action. Earlier inside the week my son and I had fished league the usage of lindy rigs and leeches. Our setup turned into produced from a six-foot chief with a plain crimson hook tipped with a nice big leech. The idea became to transport very slowly the usage of the electrical trolling motor to let the leech swim around. We had been lucky enough to boat one satisfactory 22″ fish using this setup, however, did no longer catch another walleye that night with this setup. You can examine that blog posting for the relaxation of the story, but we switched to different baits, basically giving up at the rig for the night.

So my wife and I headed to any other lake the next night and I figured we might try the equal thing. There changed into a pleasant big sunken rock pile that had been generating fish for a few days so we began there, moving slowly from 20 feet back into 8 or 9 feet marking fish the whole time, however no longer getting any bites. There were numerous other boats at the same structure doing just as poor. Then my spouse noted that she genuinely didn’t just like the lengthy snell. She became used to fishing with a much shorter snell when the use of lindy rigs. So only for the heck of it, I reduce her snell in half. We moved to the south cease of the lake and started out working the threshold of a pleasing flat and within minutes she had a walleye. I chalked it up to luck, however, a couple more passes without a bite for me and several for her got me wondering. After she boated her second walleye I chopped my snell in half. I immediately started out getting action. The fish had been biting very mild that night time, so they had to be fed a little line after the primary tap. After a couple more passes I become able to upload two more fish to the live well.

We had drawn the eye of more than one other boats, and soon needed to start dodging among them to follow our path, so we decided to call it a night. We had that spot in our pockets, so we had been glad about some pleasant walleyes for the freezer. The most essential lesson of the night time was the reminder that if what you’re doing isn’t always working, you should no longer be afraid to exchange what you’re doing.

Experimenting with something as simple as converting the period of your snell can make a world of difference. Because we were in such shallow water it becomes hard to realize in which the fish have been preserving, but it would be logical to assume these fish were conserving tight to the lowest and wanted something a chunk closer before they could attack. A shorter snell and still sluggish presentation (.eight miles per hour generally) did the trick that night time.