Walleye Fishing – Selecting Your Walleye Fishing Rod

Your walleye fishing arsenal consists of no piece of equipment more critical than your walleye fishing rod. A walleye rod is like several other devices and you’ll discover as you grow to be extra skilled that different rods are intended for distinctive uses. Taking some time to pick a walleye fishing rod pays dividends whilst you hit the water.

There are ways too many rods available on the market for me to make any sort of particular recommendation. Rather than do that, I will definitely highlight the crucial factors of a terrific walleye setup and allow you to make your personal choices.

In the early Seventies, graphite rods hit the marketplace and completely became the business on its head. Graphite is lighter and some distance greater sensitive than the vintage fiberglass rods that ruled the marketplace before the 70s. Manufacturers have made some forays into exceptional materials, like boron, but the great majority of rods are composed of graphite. Graphite is extremely touchy, allowing the walleye fisherman to feel the bottom; rocks, weeds, and most importantly, a walleye bite. Sensitivity is extraordinarily vital whilst fishing for walleye. The old trick my dad did was to hold the rod tip in opposition to his voice container and have me sense the vibration inside the deal with whilst he talked. If you try this you better sense every last word or you have the wrong stick in your hand.

Rod manufacturers use an entire bunch of terminology while describing fishing rod characteristics. Light movement, medium motion, etc. To make matters as simple as possible, we will stay with Fast Action and Medium Action for an awesome walleye fishing rod. Most precise rods have a fast movement. This manner that most of it is miles inflexible from the butt to the center section, however, has an extra bend at the give up of the rod because it tapers to the tip. This allows the angler to forged lighter tackle and experience that mild walleye bite. A medium movement rod bends more inside the middle section. If you want to troll crankbaits, you will likely prefer a medium movement walleye rod.

How to tell? Many manufacturers will position some form of label near the deal with to suggest motion and lure weight. You just need to suit up your selected fishing approach with the rod style of your choice. Most will opt for a spinning rod, which is definitely has a receiver for a spinning reel. As a trendy rule-of-thumb, your satisfactory wager for a standard-purpose walleye fishing rod is a 6 foot, medium power, fast movement spinning rod. If you plan to use a rig completely for trolling you may visit a comparable baitcasting setup.

As your final consideration, look for a walleye fishing rod that is made from a single piece. Two-piece rods add extra weight and really cut down at the movement and sensitivity. If you could locate a first-rate deal on a rod… buy two. You always need to venture out with multiple walleye rod within the boat.